NHQ, Islamabad (by Faisal Iqbal)


Awards and Decorations

Pakistan Boy Scouts Association awarded number of Awards in different categories to its Scouts and Scout Leaders on their extra ordinary performances / achievements.


Scout Awards:       

Shaheen Scout Section (Age 7+  –  11 Years):       New-05-june

–  Presidential Gold Medal (Provincial level)

–  Best Shaheen Scout of the Year (National level)


Boy Scout Section (Aged 11+  –  17 Years):      New-05-june

–  Chief Commissioner Award from every Region of Pakistan

–  Presidential Gold Medal (Provincial level)

–  Best Boy Scout of the Year (National level)


Rover Scout Section (17+  –  25 Years):       New-05-june

–  Presidential Gold Medal (Provincial level)

–  Best Rover Scout of the Year (National level)



Complete details of the Awardees till 2012 is given as under:-       New-20-june

–  The Silver Camel

–  The Silver Palm

–  Bar to the Silver Palm

–  Medal of Merit

–  Bar to the Medal of Merit

–  Certificate of Merit

–  Long Service Decoration

–  Certificate of Commendation

–  Gallentary Award