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Adults in Scouting “AIS” is a systematic Programme of Adult Resources Management to improve the effectiveness, commitment and motivation of the leadership in order to produce better Programmes for young people and a more effectively managed organization.

It is concerned with the acquisition, training & support, personal development, and management of the Adult Resources necessary for accomplishment of the mission of the Scouting Movement.


Adult in Scouting covers the entire process of attracting, supporting and developing adult members of the Scout Movement to provide competent Leadership for the benefit of young people.

Life Cycle of an Adult in Scouting



The National Adult in Scouting Sub-Committee of the PBSA is responsible for providing technical expertise in the management of Adults in Scouting, (except trained Scout Leaders) to boost up the image and visibility of Scouting in the country.


3 thoughts on “Adult in Scouting

  1. i like pakistan boy scouts association.
    i did my first traing in college life in ghora gali muree from teacher traing college kasur.
    i also desire to become the part of pakistan boy scouts association an the member of boy scout.



  2. I have been a scout from 1989-1993 at University of Agriculture Faisalabad. I was awarded a Scout Wood Badge certificate in 1994 and Presidents Rover Scout Award in 1993.Those people who serve the humanity are really great.Only Amighty Allah may reward for their efforts.Wishing best of luck for my all scout brothers.

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